About Us


Why First Empressions? First Empressions is dedicated to all of the following: "E" as in Experience (over 10 years) "E" as in Expertise (at a reasonable rate that you can afford) "E" as in Extraordinary Service (we are here to serve and assist you) "E" as in Excellence (we go above and beyond our competitors) "E" as in Exceptional Skills (we have remarkable talent) First Empressions wants to assist you. We want you to "experience the influence" for yourself and your business. In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 2008, however, we have been assisting other businesses and people for over 10 years.  As "jacks of all trades, our specialties include, but are not limited to web consulting, web design, business consulting, resume building, personal financing and event planning. Our business is located in Davie County and Forsyth County, North Carolina.  However, our business is available to serve customers nationally for most of our services.  We are here to assist you.  Dare to "experience the influence!"